Ordering Dust Collector Filters

Information needed when ordering your filters can start by simply providing:

  • The OEM of the dust collector
  • The needed part’s OEM number

If you do not have a part number, do you have filter bags or filter cartridges?


  • How does the dust collector clean? Pulse Jet, Shaker, or reverse air?
  • What is the flat width of the bag? Lay the bag flat on the floor and measure across bag; Or you may measure across the cage.
  • What is the top-to-bottom length?
  • How is the top and bottom sewn?
    • Different tops are Snap Band, Raw Edge, and Grommet, Loop, Loop strap, A-Hanger, Cord, Flange.
    • Different bottoms are Disc, Disc with Wear Strip, Sewn Flat, Disc with Hole. Some bags have a support ring in the bag towards the top (these are only used in shaker units).
  • What kind of material are the bags made of? Does it feel like the your denim jean material or a felt type of material?
  • How many filters are in the dust collector?


  • What is the Inside Diameter (ID) of the Cartridge?
  • What is the Outside Diameter (OD) of the Cartridge?
  • What is the length of the Cartridge?
  • Is the Cartridge Open/Open, Open/Total Closed, or Open/Closed with a bolt hole?
  • Is there a gasket on the filter?
  • Is there a metal screen on the outside of the filter?
  • What kind of media is in the filter? Paper, 80/20, or spun bond?
  • How many cartridges are there in dust collector?

In regard to the CONCRETE INDUSTRY,  the most OEM’s are:

  • Con-E-Co
  • C&W
  • Ross
  • Stevens
  • McNeilus
  • Griffin
  • Vance Hagen
  • Johnson Ross
  • Murphy Roger