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    Pleated Bag Filters

    WHAT IS A PLEATED DUST BAG FILTER?pleated bag filters

    Pleated dust bags (or pleated elements) are used in bag houses to remove dust. They are designed to replace
    the filter bags in a baghouse. Unlike cartridge filters, a pleated dust bag is made only of Polyspun material.

    They are generally smaller than a cartridge or canister filter, but can be up to 96” in length.
    Pleated bags are normally manufactured the same diameter as the bag that they replace.
    There are many advantages to a pleated element over a filter bag.



    • Can increase the collector’s air-to-cloth ratio.
    • Ease of installation and removal.
    • Will last in a system 2-3 times longer than a cloth filter bag.
    • Requires less compressed air pressure to pulse clean a pleated filter.