Industrial & Manufacturing

Many industrial plants  have specific requirements for filtration systems.  FilterPro can meet these custom specifications. We design our filter cleaning program around you.  Our team’s mission is to make your job easier.Industrial and Manufacturing Filter Cleaning Filter Manufacturing

We have systems in place for plants sending skids of filters to us each week with multiple sizes and types –  to plants that require written quotes on each filter and use p-card systems and everything in between.

Tell us the names of your collectors, and what their job is and our team will assign a filter part number to your collector noting your part number, size and description.  This way when you call in for filters for the “XYZ” collector we will know exactly what you require.


We specialize in the hard-to-clean filters;  Animal fats, carbon black, precious or heavy metals; FilterPro can handle your toughest jobs.  We have worked on filters for laser cutters, adhesives manufacturers, powder coaters, fiberglass manufacturers, fertilizer plants, tire recycling, soil remediation, sandblasting and hundreds more.   We have cleaned Micro – Denier, polyester, paper, ( 80/20), P84, Nomex®/Aramid, Vinyl and many more. We have experience in many coatings including Teflon®/PTFE.

Paper cartridge filters are typically the most difficult to clean and can only be cleaned 2-3 times.  Polyspun Bond filter medias offer far better efficiencies, and can be cleaned 5-10 times.  Ask our team members if changing to a different media would work and be beneficial for your specific application.

* Please note: An MSDS or SDS is required for the filters sent in to FilterPro for cleaning. 

Cleaning and re-using bag and cartridge filters makes sense in two ways:

  1. Cleaning will save you money and will help your company sustainability  manager’s efforts.
  2. You will reduce your carbon footprint, the stress on our natural resources, and reduce your stress by having filter bags and cartridge filters reconditioned with FilterPro.  You can make a difference one filter at a time.


There are hundreds of medias available to the filtration industry.  Each type of filter media will help you overcome problems and meet specific manufacturing goals.

FilterPro will help you reach your goals and solve dust collector problems.   Our experienced team consists of engineers and plant maintenance techs with hands-on experience.