Paints & Chemicals

paint and chemical filters

Painting booths need to focus on operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. This is done through diligent process control and stable and repeatable circulation. This requires an effective paint booth with a filtration system that can be consistent – and many of exist on the market. FilterPro is here to help provide the filters that can keep that effective system repeatable while removing the excess impurities from the booth.


Much to most people surprise, many of the filters systems use filters that can be cleaned using FilterPro’s unique filter-cleaning process. This cleaning process allows for cleaning of the filters up to 8 times — and in some cases more. If your system is able to use our cleaning process, then take that next step to optimize your bag material so you are maximizing that savings by increasing the number of times your product can be cleaned. If a different medium is needed on the filters, FilterPro can make sure the alteration is done cost-effectively to maximize the savings potential over time.


Use FilterPro as your one-stop supplier for all your filtration needs for your system, whether it is generic and uses a common system – or it is a special design, we can fit and provide you with the proper filter.  We use Polyester, Acrylic, Nomex®/ Conex ® / Arimid, P84, Ryton and others. We can also coat using PTFE/Teflon®, H/O to meet your needs.
FilterPro will help solve the most common issues such as moisture, stack emissions, or air flow reduction problems. Call us today at 1-800-721-7932.

*Please note: For your protection as well as ours, FilterPro requires an MSDS or SDS for all filters sent to us for cleaning. In addition, we cannot clean any materials classified as hazardous.*