Farr Gold Camfil

FG_cleanedThe Farr Gold Series® manufactured by the Camfil Group is a cartridge dust and fume collector.

The vertically designed filter utilizes an outer filter and an inner filter shaped like a cone.

The benefit of this design is its ease of maintenance, and the “filter in a filter design” (which has been around for years) allows more air to cloth in a smaller footprint.

Farr® also claims that this design offers more efficient pulsing, and more even dust loading.

The Farr Gold Series is a top rated filter, but they are expensive and can reach as much as $450 per filter depending on the type of filtering media

FilterPro is the only company which has successfully cleaned this filter. Not even Farr® has been able to achieve our results (and they have tried).

“At Farr filters we clean save our customers thousands, each and every cleaning.”    -Paul Anders

Farr Gold Series® is a registered trademark of the Camfil Group. FliterPro has no affiliation in any way with Farr Company.

*Please note: For your protection as well as ours, FilterPro requires an MSDS or SDS for all filters sent to us for cleaning. In addition, we cannot clean any materials classified as hazardous.*