What Types of Filters Can Be Cleaned?


We clean a filters made of Polyspun materials, polyester, paper, 80/20, and cellulose, and can also clean coated and specialty filters at a fraction of their original cost.

We can clean the following types of material:Cellulose Cleaned

  • Paper
  • Polyester
  •  Polyspun
  • Nomex®, Conex®,Arimid

Types of Coatings that can be cleaned:


  • Aluminized spun bond
  • Oleophobic treatment
  • Nano fibers
  • Carbon impregnated
  • PTFE, Teflon®

Paper (Cellulose) and 80/20 filters are the most difficult to clean. FilterPro has developed a new process to thoroughly clean paper and 80/20 media papers.

We have incorporated the best of all methods and combined them to provide results never before seen in the industry. FilterPro can even clean paper filters with treatments or coatings (Nano fibers).

The treatments are left in tact, as is demonstrated by the blue or red resin colors.This revolutionary method cleans the pores thoroughly unlike the sonic method alone. It is still advisable that this type of filter is only cleaned three to four times to preserve the media integrity.



Polyester Media (with a wire wrap backing) filters can be cleaned multiple times.  By far, the biggest reason that a polyester filter is rejected is due to improper handling of the filter.These errors result from over tightening of the bolts during installation, or a filter being dropped, anddirty clean 80 20
damaging the end caps.







Polyspun filters are normally used in a dust collector.  This media is very strong and resilient to wear. These filters can be cleaned up to a dozen times.  It is very important to make sure the entire media is correctly cleaned for this type of media as the pores allow it to pass air and breathe.

Polyspun Cleaned

Polyspun materials are usually one of three brands, Izumi or Kolon or a generic, imported brands..  Izumi is a product of Japan and is far superior.  The Korean Kolon also performs well. Many imported, generic materials will not hold well up under normal use.

To reiterate, paper filters can be cleaned two or three times.  Although paper filters (and 80/20) are a cheaper initial purchase they are not a good filter for re-use.   We are able to clean a paper filter, but because of the multiple steps and frailty of the media involved, cleaning a paper filter may cost more than cleaning a Polyspun filter.