Blower & Intake Filters

Blower and Intake Filters – Factory Directclean blower intake

FilterPro is a full service filtration company and, therefore, has partnered with high-quality aftermarket manufacturers of Blower and Intake filters. We have done this to ensure that FilterPro has confidence standing behind these products as if they were our own. We also do this to be able to give our customers the most competitive pricing structures for these products.

The focus of the filters is to remove the impurities and particles out of air that is moving rapidly through your machinery. The focus is to remove from 2-400 micro-particles so as to not disrupt, damage or alter your machines. In turn, this robust product allows your company to continue running and running without interruption from filtration issues.

Higher quality intake filters are made of synthetic polyester media.  The filtration efficiency of the polyester filters far surpasses the paper or cellulose intake filters.  An additional advantage of the polyester filter is that they are able to be cleaned and re-used.

For more information on cleaning intake and blower filters see our Blower & Intake Filter Cleaning Filter Cleaning page.

Please call any of our FilterPro customer service agents and they will be happy to help. 1-800-721-7932