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medical pharmaceutical filters

The Medical and Pharmaceutical industries are very heavily regulated from FDA and other organizations, and as such, have very high bar to reach to be able to serve. Safety is main driver in any manufacturing done in either of these areas. Here at FilterPro, we believe that safety needs to be the highest priority, so we provide products for filtration that help you meet those needs.


FilterPro is poised to determine if our unique filter-cleaning process can help you reuse the bags multiple times. If your system is able to use our cleaning process, then taking that next step and optimizing your bag material will ensure you are maximizing savings by increasing the number of times your product can be cleaned.

FilterPro has designed a unique cleaning program that can help the meet all of the appropriate regulations from the point the filter interacts within your process. This program is called FilterProTect.

FilterPro-Tect comes in 3 levels:

  • Defendor
  • Protector
  • Guardian


Ask about FilterProTect when you call, and we will help determine what the appropriate levels are for your specific needs.


Use FilterPro as your one-stop supplier for all your filtration needs, whether it’s blower intakes, bag house filters or parts for your dust collector.  We have standard and customer filters that can be made to you specification and delivered directly to you.  We use Polyester, Acrylic, Nomex®/ Conex ® / Arimid, P84 or Ryton. We can also coat using PTFE/Teflon®, H/O to meet your needs.
FilterPro will help solve the most common issues such as moisture, stack emissions, or air flow reduction problems. Call us today at 1-800-721-7932.

*Please note: For your protection as well as ours, FilterPro requires an MSDS or SDS for all filters sent to us for cleaning. In addition, we cannot clean any materials classified as hazardous.*