Blower & Intake Filter Cleaning

Positive displacement blowers have intake filters to protect the close tolerance lobes inside the blower.  Compressor filters are also of critical importance to the life of any unit.  The dirts in this type of unit are atmospheric, and usually very fine to ultra-fine.  When we receive a compressor or intake filter, the dust and dirt look nothing like the dirt other canister filters.

FilterPro has a proven process to clean these expensive filters.  The most durable filters in these systems are wire wrapped polyester.  A thin gauge screen wire with pleated polyester media creating a strong support which follows the contour of the pleats. blower intake filter cleaning

Even more important than the cleaning process is the inspection of an intake filter.  Any small holes in the media may allow particles through the filter and can cause a very expensive piece of equipment to fail.  Variations on the old “candle testing” method are still used today to inspect an intake or compressor filter.  Other tests may include smoke testing for holes, or a dye testing.

The biggest intake filter FilterPro has cleaned is almost 3 feet in diameter, and two feet high.  This filter is sent in once a year by a food ingredient company for FilterPro to clean and recondition.  We have cleaned the same filter for the last three years in a row.


FilterPro’s “Pro-Wrap” solution

In the effort of continuous development and innovation, FilterPro has developed a product called Pro-Wrap.

Pro-Wrap is a polyester material with a dry tactifier applied to the outside of the media.  The media has a very low differential pressure and will not affect the breathability of the filter.  The filter Pro-Wrap is constructed has surged stitched edges for durability.  The pre-filter is manufactured with Velcro tabs sewn into the end of the filter for ease of installation prowrapand removal.  Thus, the operator does not have to remove the filter or shut down the unit.   Simply pull off the old Pro-Wrap at the Velcro strip and install the new one.

The dirty Pro-Wrap can be washed off with a hose and re-used several times.

The Pro –Wrap has been widely accepted and used throughout industry where the intake or compressors are located in dusty environments.

Our Pro-Wrap solution will greatly extend the life of your expensive intake or compressor filter.